Forgetfulness – translated by The Earl of Longford

If now you hate me as you say,
Can you forget so soon
How you and I, the world away,
Once lay and watched the moon?

Can you forget the day when cool
Seemed to our love the sun,
The day that we-? But I’m a fool,
Besides, that day is done.

Can you forget you stroked my hair?
Moist palm upon my brow,
Red mouth, soft breast-. You do not care.
All that’s forgotten now.

Have you forgotten too, my flower,
How often you would tell
How God ne’er made until that hour
A man you loved so well?

Can you forget your love for me,
Whom now you do detest?
But that’s all one, those times are gone.
No doubt ‘tis for the best.

If each could learn as well as I
To profit by my pain,
There’s ne’er a man beneath the sky
Would ever love again.


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