K.N. Lopez- Options Weighed

You are my loose ray of moonshine.
Even if you deny me, you still belong to me
I am your first. And you are mine.
Every touch- every glare- every sigh:
Can love ever be healthy?

You wilt under the pressure of unconditional
When all that you’ve ever known has been transactional.
And so you leave.
No note, leaving
Faint reminders:
Fading ticket stubs,
Dried out tea bags,
The wobbly doorknob,
All untouched and forgotten.

Like a sickening lullaby,
The quiet echoes of whispers and promises
Are cut off by a vivid image of you:
Red, puffy eyes glistening with tears of hurt
Mouth listing all the good I’ve given up on
Face simply radiant with anger

I reach out towards you-
But can’t even reach your shadow, as it thins away into the night

I retract strained arms
Casually pretending that I haven’t spent all night dreaming of
The day when I’ll finally catch that waning, taunting shadow.



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