I never had a sudden realization that I liked girls. I guess I was just never against the idea, even though my family was super religious. I’m a naturally open person and that includes sexuality, although recently I’ve identified mostly as a lesbian. (Vaguely important note: I’m not out to my family). I never had a crush on Charlie. First of all, I didn’t know she liked girls at that time (at least not concretely). Also, she was a little too out of my league for me to do that to myself. We were friends for most our freshman year of high school: not terribly close but I hung out in her dorm all the time, particularly with her roommate. And then one May morning changed (at the very least) the rest of my high school experience.

*to be continued in Chapter 1*



I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Usually I get away with them. But to hurt someone you love is a mistake that not only affects you, but someone equally capable of hurting. This time last year I acted out of spite and anger, and left the girl, Charlie, that may very well be the most important person to ever step into my life. Not only did I leave her, but I was dishonest and uncaring because I was determined to show that I could be happy without her. Within a month I began to have regrets, and in a year all I want is her back in my life. I don’t necessarily have to be her girlfriend again, but I would like to have my best friend back. From here on out I will be detailing some of the ups and downs that we went through. Maybe one day I’ll show her this. Maybe not.